La Compagnie du Bátar

Welcome to Valhalla

The drakkar

The origins of the Compagnie

Everything began in the soute

The Bátar adventure started in 2011, when four valorous vikings decided to undertake the production of a drakkar. Five years, four oak trunks, one relocation and one trip to Denmark later, the Compagnie (rejoined by one more member) has progressed a lot in the process, and the drakkar takes shape. Once finished, it will be six meters long and will be able to host four massive vikings. propeled by four oars and a wide square sail, it will be launched during the summer of 2016, further information will come soon about this great event !

"We already live in the future… It’s not like we’re waiting for something to happen… It’s just a matter of doing it."

(Bre Pettis)

The soute

The bátar's lair

All about that soute

Since the very birth of the Compagnie, in 2011, the soute is where everything takes place, where everything is designed and realised. Just as its occupants, this workshop has grown with our project and has been filled with tools, wood and furnitures at the rythm of the oak fellings, of the furniture designs and of machine tools tuning. Last summer, we have been lucky to move in a brand new 300ù2 workshop in Montaudran.
The soute is frequently open, don't hesitate to give it a try, the bátars will be very pleased to welcome you in their territory !

Fun facts

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CNC hours



LCB Industries

Draw, design, craft

Entering the world of makers

About one year ago, the Compagnie took a major turn in its history, which put it in the world of makers. We first registered as makers in the Opendesk network that distribute open source furniture blueprints, and we designed and realised our first CNC machine. Since then, we develop our action focused on conception, design prototyping and production of any kind. This branch of the Compagnie is fastly growing, so don't hesitate to join us in this great adventure !

Our skills

You name it, we can do it

La Compagnie du Bátar have been developing its skills for now five years, designing its own machine tools and improving its knowledge of woodworking. But quickly, our skills overtook drakkar building and new opportunities open to us everyday.

The Compagnie spirit is strongly linked to our will to design our own tools, to constantly discover new techniques and to appropriate them rather than simply exploit them. You should expect this list to grow quickly !

CNC machining

ship building

furnitures design

laser engraving

3D printing

Lootings and new worlds exploration


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Ragnar Lodbrok

The team

Always in for a hustle


Stihl custom


tons of guns




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Coming Soon

brace yourself, the launch is coming !

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Our history

sail across the history of the Compagnie

  • The origins

    The Compagnie was born in 2011, and is at this time composed of four valorous warriors. Their first challenge consists in crafting the first pieces for the drakkar, gather their first tools and develop what will become the soute.

  • The building is moving forward

    After several months of hard work, the drakkar is beginning to take shape. The first piece, the keel, is finished; the bow and the stern have been installed on the keel and the first board lined are being prepared.

  • Opendesk and the CNC

    In 2014, the Compagnie will meet Opendesk which will change its history. The bátars decide to create a CNC machine and begin to produce furnitures designed by this startup.

  • LCB Industries and the new soute

    2015 was a pivotal year for the bátars. clients and partners are multiplying, the soute is relocated in order to grow, and the team prepares the creation of a real company : LCB Industries.

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