The Soute

The Bátar's lair

What is this Soute ?

The Soute is where the bátars gather to work on the drakkar, or on other projects. Obviously, the face of this legendary workshop has chanfeg a lot during the last few years. In the origins, the Soute was installes in Aigrefeuille, at Baïf's home. Almost empty, it has been gradually filled with tools, desks, a drakkar, etc. Because of its small size, the bátars decided to upgrade it and moved t an other worksohp. Nowadays, the Soute is situated at the 55, Avenue Louis Bréget in Toulouse, where MR. Xavier Bécheau lent us a place adapted matching the dimensions of the LCB project.

The workshop

What you can see on this picture is the nine desks, parts of a project conducted in partnership with the Connected Camp, a startup accelerator in Labège. It is in this place that are achieved most of the building work of the bátars. Wether it is for the drakkar, projects with partners or private projects, the Soute displays here the amazing possibilities and techniques available to create anything. You are obviously welcome here !

le Bátar

Crazy dream, original project of the Compagnie du Bátar, the drakkar is finally one of the very last elements presents at the first moments of the projects. Over the years, it has grown and has been assembled by the Bátars, just like was the Soute. Even if the building work is still not complete, it is quite advanced and the launch will take place during the summer of 2016. Be prepared for an epic landing !

The machine tools

The will to master each technique used and to build our own machine tools is deeply installed in the team's mentality. The last machines to be built, after the gruminettes and the bandsaws, were the CNC milling machine and the lazer engraver. The former is built to cut plywood planks with unexampled precision and finish quality, the latter is made to engrave large pieces of various materials. The list of machines is likely to grow quickly, especially concerning 3D printing. Brace yourself !

the design zone

From the time the Compagnie moved in the new Soute, the bátars, worked hard to create their new space for design work. This office is the perfect place for working at furnitures design, machine tools tuning, mecanical or electronic systems, etc. When you will come here, this place will also give you a quick preview of what the team is abel to achieve !